How Ranches Are Affected By The Livestock Market?

Ranches that rear cattle for the market are affected by the up and down of demand for the same in these places. For instance, a ranch might plan to sell calves in the summer season after they have been born and are of a certain age and health. However, it would be a loss if the market is down for the same. At such a time a ranch might decide to wait it out and not sell them. The strategy is to keep the calves fed and healthy till they can be sold in the market for a reasonable price.

When the calves are ready to be sold they need to be weighed first. They need to be driven and put on weight scales. Driving a herd of calves to the weighing scale itself is an ordeal. They tend to move off in different directions easily. They need to be inching along and as they disappear in other directions, they need to be herded back to the same direction again. They also need to be sorted into groups of heifers and steers. My friend who works at also does this type of work as well.

Once the calves are sorted they need to be weighed. The scales used need to be certified so that the weights are accurate. Many farm owners often struggle with the digital weighing scales that are used. This is not something unusual when there is a herd to be delivered, but without the proper measurements in place, it cannot be done.

It is not difficult to reach for help. There are technicians sent over by scale calibrator companies who can fix the scales, show how the measurements need to be done and re-certify the scales. Calves can then be weighed and driven back onto the green fields. Indeed, this simple exercise of herding calves to the pen, sorting them and getting them weighed is by itself a whole day’s work. However, the best part of any work in a ranch community is the help you get from different people. Even if you are miles away from urban conveniences, people make it possible, whether you need someone to fix your scales or someone who would fix the headlights on your truck when you find them not working in the dark.