How Ranches Are Affected By The Livestock Market?

Ranches that rear cattle for the market are affected by the up and down of demand for the same in these places. For instance, a ranch might plan to sell calves in the summer season after they have been born and are of a certain age and health. However, it would be a loss if the market is down for the same. At such a time a ranch might decide to wait it out and not sell them. The strategy is to keep the calves fed and healthy till they can be sold in the market for a reasonable price.

When the calves are ready to be sold they need to be weighed first. They need to be driven and put on weight scales. Driving a herd of calves to the weighing scale itself is an ordeal. They tend to move off in different directions easily. They need to be inching along and as they disappear in other directions, they need to be herded back to the same direction again. They also need to be sorted into groups of heifers and steers. My friend who works at also does this type of work as well.

Once the calves are sorted they need to be weighed. The scales used need to be certified so that the weights are accurate. Many farm owners often struggle with the digital weighing scales that are used. This is not something unusual when there is a herd to be delivered, but without the proper measurements in place, it cannot be done.

It is not difficult to reach for help. There are technicians sent over by scale calibrator companies who can fix the scales, show how the measurements need to be done and re-certify the scales. Calves can then be weighed and driven back onto the green fields. Indeed, this simple exercise of herding calves to the pen, sorting them and getting them weighed is by itself a whole day’s work. However, the best part of any work in a ranch community is the help you get from different people. Even if you are miles away from urban conveniences, people make it possible, whether you need someone to fix your scales or someone who would fix the headlights on your truck when you find them not working in the dark.

Calving Season In A Cattle Ranch

Calving season is usually about 90 days. The cows are bred so that they calves start to come in the first week of March. Usually, the planning is done such. However, it is always a challenge when the calving season comes around as there are bulks of mother cows that are waiting to deliver. The vet clinics definitely need to have space on any ranch that has calving season needs help with a considerable number at the same time.

Cattle Ranch

Our modern lives, especially urban ones, might be built around trophy giving principles were only carrots are handed out and not the stick; however, the reality is that life is not easy and you need to be up for the challenges and the complex situations that are thrown your way. There is no better way to get a dose of reality than to lead a ranch life. In this particular situation, for instance, a cow that might push too hard, thinking it is in labor, might end up being in prolapsed and needs to get stitches. Other cows can suffer a difficult delivery phase. They need to be driven over to the emergency section of a vet clinic. Of course, experienced ranch hands can make the deliveries themselves. There are difficulties faced in many cases where the cow might not survive or the calf dies in the delivery process.

Nowadays, most vets are experienced to help in the delivery process of cows. Hence, even though many calves make the delivery process difficult as they tilt the head and make contractions difficult, vets can help to position the head right and get the delivery done successfully without hurting the mother or the calf. That is often not the case always. In certain cases, the calf survives and not the mother. In such a case the calves are bottle fed and brought up by the ranch owners. Hence, in the weeks, when deliveries are made, the ranch owners and their hands have a busy time. Indeed, having deliveries one after another and with different incidents can make it hectic and difficult for the ranch owners at calving season. Indeed, the ranch owners usually do not count their losses, but the blessings they receive. Hence, at the end of the calving season, most owners are happy to see the healthy calves and the recovering mothers.

The work does not end there as the calves need to be reared right as well as the mothers kept in good health. All that requires work till they can be successfully sold in the market.

Features Of A Ranch Style House

The architectural style of a ranch house consists of certain unique features. Such a house and its architectural features originated in the US, in the period of post-World War II. The features that characterize such structures are the following:


  • They are usually one-storied structure.
  • Low ground-based construction.
  • Ranch houses have extended eaves and gable roofs.
  • Open floor plan.
  • Usually, have large windows and attached garages.
  • U shaped or L shaped designs.


The above features are characteristic of most ranch style homes. The modern homes might have certain variant features, but in general, a ranch home has an informal appearance. They have minimal detailing in their building formation, both on the inside and the outside. Informality along with simplicity and efficiency features is some hallmarks that define the ranch style homes.

Ranch Style House

Popularity of ranch homes

The ranch style constructions gained popularity by the beginning of the 20th century. This was the time when the population started to migrate from urban regions to suburban areas. As mass homes were needed to be made quickly, developers took on the ranch style home design which was easy to make. The ranch homes are popular in the western part of US. Indeed, the Californian ranch or the American ranch is the popular terms used to refer to this form of building or architecture. Today the ranch style is common in other parts of US as well.

Variations in design

Ranch house themes have varied as well. For instance, a raised ranch can have a basement while a split level ranch house is also common. A raised ranch has a two story with entry into the house located on the first floor. This leads to the main living forum. The living areas are split between the two floors in such a ranch home design. If you look at a split level ranch house design, this can have three or four levels even. The main entry could be at the same level as the garage. The main entry usually leads to a stairway that goes to the upper levels while there can be a stairway that goes to the lower level. Many suburban American homes have variant ranch home designs. They are all characterized by sprawling open floor areas, especially the main living space. The bedrooms and other areas are also characterized by large windows to allow natural light inflow to the maximum.